A viewpoint on how we can fix our failure rate as a profession while reinventing our relationship with the public, media, and regulators.
What you’ll read on the following pages are not entirely new ideas. Some companies are already implementing them. The challenge is, if we want to change our identity as a profession, we ALL need to be doing them—or things which bring similar results.
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What You'll Learn

  • Is the Government Really Out to Get Us?
  • How We Got Ourselves Into This Mess
  • 7 Ways to Fix the Failure Rate & Regulatory-Proof Your Business
  • ​Eggs in the Wrong Basket?
  • ​Being a Responsible Vision-Caster
  • ​A Strategic Business Approach

Owning and running a Network Marketing company is a daunting task, generally thankless, with not nearly the financial opportunity (or even security) that the field leaders you serve enjoy.
Success ought to come easier for you, just as it should for your sales force. You should be able to rely on your products, culture, and systems to grow the business organically. This without having to resort to desperate measures at best, unethical measures at worst, and a life of endless urgent, desperate meetings and nights away from home and family.

What You Get with Richard Brooke

Experience, Perspective, Listening, and Courage. Richard Brooke has been a full-time sales leader, company owner, and coach since 1977. Now, in his 5th decade, he has seen market cycles come and go, technology come and go, leaders come and go, and especially companies come and go.

Above all else, in the last 40 years Richard has been a student; a student of culture, philosophy, cycles, leadership, and history. He has embraced honor, integrity, ethics, and longevity as the values he model, and surrounded himself with people who do the same.

He is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Direct Selling Association, a former senior member of the DSA Ethics Committee, as well as: 
  • Author of The Four Year Career® and Mach2 with Your Hair on Fire
  • Host of the Network Marketing Heroes podcast
  • Owner of a Network Marketing company for 30 years (sold in 2017)
  • Industry Expert and Advocate
  • Motivational Seminar Leader
  • ​Ontological Coach
  • ​Keynote Speaker
"I believe all of us, as leaders, can perform at a quantum leap level above where we are today. I believe all of our companies and organizations can grow ethically and honorably … and do so for the next 100 years and beyond. For if this is not our Vision, how do we stand in front of our stakeholders, our team members, our customers, and ask them to follow us? Follow us to what end?" - RB

Where exactly are you going and why? What are the reasons others should follow you? This is what you can expect to gain when you engage with us … a Vision and a voice for the future.
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