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What if...
Recruiting could be fun?  

You Didn't Have to Annoy Your Friends?

You Could Eliminate Objections Before They Happen?
What if you could gain massive momentum in your Network Marketing business by staying humble, authentic and valuing relationship over anything else? Sound different? It is! 
We are on a crusade to change the way Network Marketers network and market, and it starts with one book.

How This Book Can Help You ...

  • ​Inviting by Simply Sharing
  • Presenting Without Selling
  • Validation by Authenticity
  • ​Belief Building
  • ​Recognition & Fun
  • ​Training by Example

What Our Customers Are Saying ...

"A tell-it-like-it-is powerhouse of a book."

"Jam-packed with compelling facts and stories, The Four Year Career® is a no BS, tell-it-like-it-is powerhouse of a book. Read this, and you'll be more confident than ever in the future of your Network Marketing business. Share this with the skeptics in your life, and they'll FINALLY appreciate why you've chosen this profession (and more will be joining you too)."  - Sonia Stringer

"I'm getting ready to order 100 of them."

"This book by Richard Bliss Brooke is a cornerstone book for anyone looking for freedom from a job or traditional business. It builds the strongest case for network marketing that I have ever read. Required reading. I’ve gone through this book no less than 10 times in my career. Richard wrote this 20 years before I sponsored my first distributor. And it has been revised and updated many times since then. I’m getting ready to order 100 of them."  - Jordan Adler

"We grew from 3,000 to 40,000 members!"

"One of my mentors forwarded me the book. I read it, loved it and began to implement into my team. By using The Four Year Career®, my business has grown from 3,000 to 40,000 members, went from having 400 people join a month to 4,000 per month, and my volume has gone from $200,000 in monthly sales to over $2,000,000."  - Adam Green

"Use the tool - don't be the tool!"

As I always say, “...USE the tool — don’t BE the tool!” 💪🏼 Thanks for the tools Richard and Kimmy! The Four Year Career happened for me because I decided to start building my part-time business from home...and it can happen for YOU too!  - Jenifer Furness
* Free means you are not paying for the actual book. The Four Year Career® retails for $19.95, but we actually bought it for you. We just ask that you pay your shipping/handling to receive it so we can give away as many as possible to leaders all around the world. 
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